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Latest trends in Blogging for 2010

Blogging has probably become one of the hot topics of today where everyone is keen to try and start their own blog online. You can also call it a part of marketing skills for an online company which is also very essential for online popularity. You can find almost every online website having their own blogs which promotes their products or services. Although it has been followed for a couple of years, it has in fact become a latest trend and a great strategy for online promotion.

Although most of the online business owners have their own website they still don’t know how to use the right way to extract maximum possible results through a blog. Therefore you should first know your target audience and your goal oriented approach for your business and the benefits would start flowing by the creation of a blog. The technical content must press for higher burden for which you can create search engine friendly blogs.

The other most important and latest aspect associated with blogging is analysis of right network traffic. This means that you should have the knowledge or information about the incoming traffic such as its location, where do they come from and also their behavior would help the overall success of your blog.

In case you are serious in making money by blogging about different strategies then you should try and focus on the latest or hot topics that can generate huge traffic to your blog. This is one of the most common and probably the latest method to sell ad space on your own blog. So, if you own a blog that is known online and benefits from high quality web traffic then online advertising would surely create wonders. According to the experts in blogging, the new bloggers should stress more on dedicated blogging and should be focused on their topic of interest. This means that you can select a specific area of business but don’t generalize about the issue this is because people who are really interested in your services or product should also get to your website to purchase them.

However the email marketing potential bloggers should be very careful as there is name and the prospects of email being done through this method. The blogs serve several other purposes which make it easier for visitors to register or visit your website through RSS feeds. Moreover today, blogs serves as a multifunctional platform for users and web pages which have the potential to take you business to higher level.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

What’s hot and what’s not in SEO trends in the year 2010?

As year 2010 pass-by, businesses and companies involved in online marketing look out for new trends in Search Engine Optimization in order to gear up self business online. All business owners look out to track back maximum traffic online through SEO services. Advancements are observed and appreciated by all users in all sections of business. SEO advancements too were expected in the year 2010 by all its users. There has been a higher contribution of SEO marketing in this year so far and it is bound to increase further. Now it’s time to apply all new trends in SEO that has emerged with success in the year 2010.

Site Speed

Site speed is considered to be one of the latest trends used in new SEO rankings for 2010 year. Search engines aim at helping the viewers in searching required data as quickly as possible. Site speed determines how quickly the site loads.

Mobile rankings

Search engine Google has come up with a new trend in SEO through mobile search services. Google mobile search services are linked up with three features, search by voice, by location, and search by sight. Voice search is linked with voice recognition services, location search is connected with Google maps and sight search is associated with Google Goggles. Search by sight through Google Goggles is like an image search appliance that enables users to search for any object or business through an image, instead of text.

Online video

Previous year was dominated by a search engine namely YouTube and this year too its dominance is continued. Videos are used to increase business site rankings through SEO.

Social media marketing

Social media marketing has definitely been one of the biggest SEO contributors around the year 2010 and remains to gear up for more. Availing links from any social media websites whether blogs, micro blogs, forums, content, daily status, or anything, as long as it is SEO friendly it is effective. Gaining on-page links, from communities and others has been in profits. Businesses performed social marketing on social networking sites like Orkut, Facebook, Twitter, Wordpress, Tagged, Linked-In, MySpace, and others.

Back Links

Back links generated from low PR sites proved to be effective this year. Back links directly points out at directory submissions, link exchange, link farms and others.

Some others

Some other minor yet imperative trends used in SEO in the year 2010 include page load time, domain age, bounce rate, and others. SEO market is developing on a fast track. Expecting something new is natural! Using old SEO strategies won’t be that effective this year. In the year 2010 it is time to be smarter by way of new SEO trends.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Content Writing Guidelines

A – Z Of Content Writing

When it comes to Content Writing firstly you need to differentiate between writing for Web and for Print Media. Here are some useful tips in favor of writing for the Web.

Basic Format

For any type of article or website content you write, it is essential to take care of the basic format, layout, structure of paragraphs, sub headings, points, font style and size, start-and-end, and everything. Scattered content with mix-match fonts and styles will definitely make the reader switch over to some other page. Readers’ online like to jump from words to lines, from lines to paragraphs and further to pages. They like to read everything in short and remember things. Your content will be followed and reviewed thoroughly by readers only if it is Attractive, Informative, Effective, Eye-Catchy, Easy to Understand, Complete, and Educative. Words you write in articles must be able to attract the readers and drive them to take some action.

Website Content Writing includes writing for different websites in the form of Articles, Descriptions, SEO Content, PR, Reviews, General Articles, Blogs, Titles & Descriptions, Promotional Articles, Technical Articles, Creative Writing, and others. The style and basics of writing for each type of article or content differs. Some specifications are definitely given by the client so as to write content as per their requirements. Following are some basic points that will definitely improve the quality of any type of content you write.

Effective Content Writing- Easy Tips

• While writing any content you need to take care about basic format and the layout.
• Secondly dividing entire article into equal paragraphs will make it appear good, simple, readable, and eye catchy. For Example: If you are writing an article for 100 words, it can be written in a single paragraph, if for 500 words it can be in 5 paragraphs and so on.
• You need to give sub headings and points if asked. Headings and subheadings can be utilized as metadata. These attract all readers quickly!
• The start and end of any article should be attractive, whereas inner content needs to be informative so as to educate all readers.
• Writing content considering the target audience or ‘The Reader’ will make it meaningful. There is no point in writing any content that fails to attract readers. You need to always suggest some ideas and inform the readers about anything you write. For Example: Forcing them to do something, purchase a particular product, or applying for any loan policy through your articles is not a good practice. You should always give suggestions and try to convince readers, through your content about why a particular service is good to select.
• Keeping the content short and simple will always attract more number of readers. Keeping the content short doesn’t mean, eating-up vital information. Your content should be short, simple to understand as well as complete from all aspects.
• Content is to be written by focusing on the kind of reader or clients. As per the age, sex, place of living, personal interest, likes, and dislikes, and what actually the reader thinks, entire content is to be written. In short content is to be customer oriented.
• Writing active content definitely helps a lot in attracting readers. Active content simply means include fresh ideas, facts, true information, suggestion, latest facts and figures in creative & informative ways. Every sentence that you add in your content should lead to some solution that reader is looking out for.
• Content should include all major keywords that may attract readers. The frequency of use of keywords is generally mentioned in specifications for every content project. Keywords play an essential role with SEO services for tracking back millions of customers towards your websites. People definitely search through Search Engines by entering some keywords. If it’s matching any keywords present in your content, readers will definitely be tracked towards the website.
• Include short sentences, paragraphs, summaries, and facts of anything that you write.
• It is essential to keep the interest of readers positive. This can be done by asking questions in articles and suggesting some ideas or answers to support them.
• At the end you need to thoroughly go through the content once, twice, and edit it for any mistakes. Self-checking the content will increase its quality for sure.

What A Content Writer Should Do?

Researching the data available online to gain self knowledge will help the content writer a lot in generating accurate content. Writer should always understand what exactly the customer needs and add-up creativity in content so as to light-up interest in the minds of readers. If writer is doing well to avoid repetition and generate real quality content with command over grammar, no doubt the piece of writing will be unique and striking.

• Research
Research a lot to get to some interesting facts about what you need to write about. Compare all stuff and data researched and jot them down in your language.

• Knowledge
Increase self knowledge in order to proceed ahead in professional Content Writing accurately and effectively. If you are talented, like to refer to news all the time, keep a track of what’s hot and what’s not around in market, it will definitely help you to generate unique and latest content.

• Understand What Customer Needs
While writing content for any given topic you need to keep a direct track of what actually is required by readers. Writing anything that is off-the-track from customers’ needs is wastage of time and efforts. Simply understand the needs of customers and write content accordingly.

• Add Creativity
Simple looking content with no catchy words will disinterest readers for sure. For any type of content you write on any given topic for any website, you need to add some sort of creativity to magnetize readers. Simply add creativity with accuracy in the content and generate perfect articles.

• Command Over Grammar
What if you are successful in writing informative content through your articles but there are more grammatical mistakes? Such content is of no use at all! Content needs to be away from grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. Readers will definitely search for something else if your content is not grammatically correct. Then it’s simply no use of being informative.

• Avoid Repetition
Just like grammatical mistakes, Content Writer must avoid repetition of information in the articles or content on any topic for any website. Just imagine yourself as a reader and you are reading a content, small paragraph online while searching any service. What if you find out 1 or 2 sentences repeated all over again in different styles in entire paragraph? You will find it boring and with lack of useful information! Same is the case with all online readers for whom you are writing the content.

• Generate Interest In The Minds Of Readers
Content Writer has got the best chance to generate interest in the minds of readers with set of words put together in contents. This is possible only if entire content and articles are precise with fresh information and a mix of creativeness. Keyword enriched articles with a taste of originality will do the trick.

Some Words To Avoid

At times Content Writers consider Web Content Writing as an easy job, but it isn’t. Writing content for self might be simple but writing it for million others, is definitely a big task. Content Writing is not just filling out pages with some words and increasing the word count. You need to impress all readers with whatever you write. First impression is definitely the last impression.

Extensive use of Buffer Words will increase the quantity of content for sure but not the Quality. Content Writers can be Professional Writers if they practice to write any type of content or articles with least Buffer Words. It doesn’t mean that you need not include a single buffer word in your articles. It simply means writers need to make minimum use of such words.

Following are some of the Buffer Words that can be used as minimum as possible in any content.

This That The Those These There Their Then Also
Many Most Much More Very When Where Whose What
They Might Some Will Still Them

NOTE: No doubt, such words are to be used wherever they are required the most, else sentences will look incomplete, meaningless.

Content Writing is one of the best carrier options today, but you need to be a master to succeed in writing on any topic.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010